Company Secretarial Services Singapore

Under Section 171 of the Companies Act, Singapore companies are required to have a Singapore company secretary to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. We offer a wide range of company secretarial services to Singapore companies to ensure the compliance obligations are up-to-date. These statutory requirements include the filing of annual returns, and recording and filing of board resolutions.

What we provide:

  • Appointment of company secretary
  • Providing advice on corporate secretarial matters
  • Maintenance of statutory registers and records
  • Maintenance of register of nominee directors and controllers
  • Preparation of directors’ resolutions
  • Preparation of minutes for AGMs / EOGMs
  • Filing of annual returns with ACRA
  • Reminder of filing deadlines


Simply contact us to receive a non-obligatory consultation on company secretarial services in Singapore by our consultant in complying with your regulatory requirements.

Corporate Secretarial Services

When setting up a company in Singapore, it is absolutely essential that you follow the correct set-up process. One of the most important parts of the company set-up that you will be expected to comply with if that of company secretarial registration. Every business in Singapore must have a company secretary: without one, the chances of being able to get set-up will be drastically reduced, if not become entirely impossible.

At WZ WU & Partners, though, we provide you with all the help that you need to find company secretarial solutions. We are business minds who can find you the right person to be appointed to the role of the company secretary, ensuring you receive the best corporate secretarial services in Singapore.

Below are two major questions our clients have:

Why Do I Need a Company Secretary?

There are several reasons why you might need a company secretary. For one, you have to hire one due to regulatory specifications. Without a company secretary, you will be unable to fully register as a business entity in the country. Therefore, without corporate secretarial services in Singapore, you will not be able to run your business.

We can help you with the appointment, but we can also provide you with feedback and advice on all corporate secretarial issues. We are not just here to make the appointment, but to guide the appointment and the wider process to ensure solutions that are put in place can stay in place.

We can also help with the maintenance of the register for all nominee directors and controllers. That’s very important, making sure that you can meet your regulations as a business. This will ensure that you can find the help that you need to hire someone who can do the job to the standard that you would have wanted.

With a company secretary in place, you make sure that you can meet the regulations set out by the government of Singapore. This will ensure that the filing of annual returns, board resolutions, etc. will become a far less stressful process.

Should I Hire a Company Secretary Myself?

Of course, you could do this alone. However, with our corporate secretarial services in Singapore, you can make sure that the right person is always in place. Just like any other business, your business can only be as successful as your staff allows it to be. With a good secretary in place, you know that your business is in good and safe hands.

This allows for you to easily worry about other matters while we handle everything from filing your returns to preparing minutes of AGM/EOGM meetings. These vital skills all ensure that you can spend more time building success for yourself and less time worrying about the administrative make-up of your business.

Let us worry about this while you spend more time worrying about the solutions that you wish to put into place. No Singaporean business is going to be successful without a company secretary in place, so let us put that in place for you as soon as possible.

Don’t make the art of appointing a company secretary so hard. Use our company secretarial services instead, and you can make your appointment as smooth and as successful as is possible.