About us

WZ WU & Partners is a small accountancy firm providing a full suite professional and consultancy services and solutions to corporate and individual clients.

Our professional services include audit services, corporate secretarial, accounting and bookkeeping and tax services covering a wide range of industries for industries for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), group of companies, and subsidiaries of local and overseas companies incorporated in Singapore.

Our commitment to deliver quality and efficient service to our clients on a timely schedule is backed up by years of experience, making us a progressive firm that drives our clients forward.

Our Services

Get the Help That You Need With Singapore Auditing

When it comes to finding a reliable audit company Singapore, we know the search can feel tiresome.

At WZ WU & Partners, one thing we pride ourselves on offering as a small audit firm in Singapore. We know that our clients want to feel like they are working with a company that has a handle on the challenges you face. We want our clients to understand that the people that they are working with care about their results, and will do their best to deliver the said results.

One thing that business in Singapore is in need of is auditing. It’s part of the business culture in Singapore to carry things out in a manner that should result in long-term, lasting success.

It’s a major part of the auditing process, and it’s something we pride ourselves on. we know that as an audit company in Singapore that we have to meet the right kind of standards. To do that, we help to ensure that we are in a position to drive success to our clients’ business.

Accuracy delivers confidence, and confidence delivers consistency. So, let us help you be more consistent when it comes to meeting your financial and business objectives.

Set up Your Business in the Right Way

Of course, one thing that always matters when building a business presence in Singapore is making sure that one can meet one’s secretarial requirements. From getting the right, we make sure that our clients can set up their business in the right way.

If you find it hard to keep on top of the process of business registration, then you need to know where to look for information and answers.

With WZ WU & Partners, our clients can get help from people whom they can trust to do the job correctly and to help them meet their requirements as business owners.

Don’t let the stress of trying to set up a business become too much for you. With the right kind of assistance, our clients can make what is often an arduous and challenging process much easier. So, don’t make business set-up any more complex than it has to be.

From corporate secretarial and audit services in Singapore to getting help from an audit firm in Singapore that can help you with your bookkeeping needs, too, we’re here to help.

Just let us know what you need, and we’ll do our best.

Stay on Top of Singapore Tax Demands

No business owner should have to dip their toes into parts of their business they are not suited to. You would not ask your staff to go so far outside of their comfort zone – so why would you do it to yourself? It’s not good business practice. At WZ WU & Partners, then, we look to fill in the gap in your team that deals with the taxation and accounting side of your business.

With numerical experts who can spot trends and issues with ease, we can make sure that our clients get to spend far less time feeling frustrated and far more time feeling satisfied. We can spot where issues such as cash flow come from, and we can also spot where our clients’ business could be more intelligently using its resources.

By ensuring that our clients can handle the tax services that they need to stay on the good side of the Singaporean government, we make sure that our clients’ business is always providing the information that it should, when it should, so that results can be consistently excellent as our clients move forward.

Our Recognition