Tax Planning and Filling Singapore

Lead by Accredited Tax Practitioner registered with Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Practitioners, our tax consultants are equipped with the experience and knowledge to manage your Singapore company tax filing obligations. In the face of constantly evolving tax legislation, we can help manage your tax and reporting obligations with our corporate tax services in Singapore, while also taking advantage of the tax schemes and allowances that are available to you and your business (within the existing tax regulations and frameworks).

Our tax consultant services include:

  • Corporate tax – Preparation and submission of Form C and tax computation
  • GST – Registration, de-registration, and filing of quarterly tax returns
  • Individual tax (Individual/Sole Proprietor/Partnership)
  • Withholding tax
  • Tax planning
  • Resolving tax issues from IRAS
  • Income tax services


For more information about our tax services in Singapore, please feel free to contact us.

Tax and Accounting Services

When it comes to finding reliable tax and accounting services, it’s always important to hire the right people. At WZ WU & Partners, we know the importance of correct corporate governance when it comes to your accounting needs. Every business has to be kept secure and safe when it comes to their tax filing needs, and this means making sure your books are accurate, filled in correctly, and put in on the right time. This is exactly what you can expect with our corporate tax services in Singapore.

With our help, you can make sure that you can get the assistance that you need via our tax and accounting services. People hire us because we understand the complexities of the Singapore tax system, and we can make sure that there is an easy and effective way to get the tax and accounting put together in a short space of time. There are no reasons why handling your accounts should be a problem: with the right people on board and fantastic tax filing services, you can make the often-arduous tax preparation process a far less stressful issue.

We are experts in handling challenges within the tax system, too. With constant changes to tax systems and legislation, it can be easy to make mistakes and to judge your taxes and accounts based on outdated information. Our system will make sure that you can spend less time dealing with these issues, and more time simply doing what you do best: working on your business.

You don’t need to be spending hours combing over information and going through your books. With the help of our corporate tax services in Singapore, you can make the challenge of handling your books a far less stressful experience. There are no reasons why you should have to struggle with making sure your accounts are up-to-date, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you need help with. We also offer professional income tax services for individuals who need our help.

Get help with tax filing in Singapore

The most confusing part about handling you accounts, though, is not often the actual preparation of your numbers when it comes to tax filing in Singapore. While it can be hard to know what is an expense and what is not an expense, for example, the main problem often starts with actually filing your taxes. The Singaporean taxation system can feel like confusing when it comes to filing: with the help of our tax filing services, you need never feel worried by the stress of it tax filing again.

Using our tax filing services, you can make sure that you get your taxes arranged, organised, checked over, and submitted to IRAS on a timely manner. From making sure you have filled in the correct forms to making sure you are registered for the correct kind of tax returns, we can do everything to help make sure you are preparing and then sending away your tax in a manner that will produce a positive solution for your tax filing in Singapore.

We are also here to help you with everything from long-term tax planning to withholding tax when needed. Our expertise and insight into how Singaporean taxation systems work on a daily basis ensures that we can find a solution to the problems you face in a timely manner. Just let us know what you are in need of help with, and we can get to work as soon as is possible.

Tax filing on-time and with accuracy in every statement is so important. That is where we come in; making sure that you can get the help that you need to reduce your taxation input without a huge amount of stress. Don’t let a vital part of your business management process become as stressful as it is, though; let us help you find a solution as soon as possible.

Got a problem with IRAS?

A big part of the tax filing in Singapore that we deal with stems from providing people with income tax services as well as various other tax and accounting services. However, we are also here to help you mediate and handle any disputes that might just so happen to arise with IRAS.

When a dispute takes place, the first thing to do is avoiding any kind of comment or response to IRAS. Contact us immediately. We can then sit down with you and take a look at what the next step should be. We can review their claim, and then compare the evidence. Should we find a means of helping you deal with the problem, we’ll get to work as soon as is possible to help resolve any tax issues you have with IRAS.

One thing that we think is very important to mention, though, is that we always look to go down a diplomatic route. Our aim is to help you keep strong and natural business relations with IRAS and with the government of Singapore. Through our tax and accounting services, including working with you to help resolve issues, we make sure that more problems can be dealt with, and more solutions can be found.

We believe it’s very important that people have the chance to make positive and lasting life improvements to the way that they work. To do that, you often need to come up with a better way of managing your taxes. With our tax and accounting services, we can help you with everything from preparation to filing through to handling any problems that come up through your taxes.

For more from the corporate tax services in Singapore that we offer, then, contact our team at WZ WU & Partners today.