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For anyone looking to setup a business in Singapore, one of the most important things that you can get right is the setup process for your new business. Setting up a business in Singapore comes with many long-term advantages, and at WZ WU & Partners we make sure you can get the help that you need to make the most of every advantage. When setting up a company, though, you might need to utilise our nominee director service. This is a service that is used to help make sure that you can get your business set-up to fit in with the Singaporean regulations for business set-up.

This is a very important service, as it helps to remove one of the most obvious obstacles in setting up a business: finding a nominee director. You are setting up a business in Singapore, but if you do not know anyone from the nation, it would be impossible to form the business correctly. With a nominee director service from WZ WU & Partners, you get the help that you need to make sure you can handle this crucial part of business set-up.

Once you get this right, you are much more likely to get the business set-up that you need and require. This will also ensure that you meet all of the regulatory requirements when it comes to business set-up in Singapore. This is why many people choose to use our service; they know that we can deliver a nominee director service that is quick, simple, affordable, and stress-free.

Now, you can concentrate and focus on setting up your business and working on what you do best. Instead of having to handle the administrative frustrations like finding a nominee director, we can handle this time-consuming process for you instead.

Why do I need a nominee director service?

It’s very important that you have a service like this in place because you need someone to act as your local director. A Singaporean company must have someone who is in a position of directorship residing within the nation. Without a local nominee director, you are not going to be able to fulfill the regulations and requirements which are placed upon by the Singaporean government.

That’s why we recommend that you use our nominee director service at WZ WU & Partners.

Hiring the Correct Nominee Director

According to the Singapore Companies Act, you must have someone on board your private limited company (PLC) that is an individual director. This person must live and be a resident in Singapore, and that is why finding one can be so tough. If you are not based in Singapore, then finding someone who you can trust to do the important tasks of being a nominee director can be extremely tough.

We can make sure that you get a nominee director who is a proven resident in the country. This means that they have a local address and is either a Singaporean citizen or a Singaporean permanent resident. We will also make sure that you have someone who is going to meet all of the requirements for directorship, ensuring that you are always hiring people who can do the job and who fit in with the requirements asked for by government.

The challenge of hiring a nominee director is making sure they are of the reputation and the business standing that you need to get things done. That is why a nominee director service is so important: it will ensure that you can work with a resident in Singapore to handle this vital part of business set-up without any of the stress normally attached with picking out the right person.

If you would like to spend more time working on your business and less time trying to manage the challenge of set-up, then contact us today. With our nominee director service, you can find the person in Singapore.

For more information about finding a nominee director who fits in with Singaporean regulation and requirements, do not hesitate to contact us today for more information.

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Under Section 171 of the Companies Act, Singapore companies are required to have a Singapore company secretary to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The many statutory requirements should be perform by a company secretary who have sound knowledge of the Companies Act.

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