GST Registration and Filling Singapore

Understanding the requirements to GST registration and GST filing in Singapore can be quite a handful. With the assistance from WZ Wu & Partners in complying with your GST registration and filing obligations, you will be able to free up more time for your business pursuits.

Our GST services include:

  • GST registration (Compulsory / Voluntary)
  • GST Filing
  • GST de-registration
  • Resolving GST issues with IRAS


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Singapore Company GST Registration

For anyone in need of help with Singapore company GST registration, it’s so important that you get the right people to assist you. At WZ WU & Partners, we are experts in handling the challenges of Singapore company GST registration, helping you to work around the complexities of GST filing, GST registration, and de-registration, as well as handling any disputes and/or issues with IRAS.

At WZ WU & Partners, we know the importance of dealing with Singapore company GST registration in the correct manner. A failure to register properly and then to file accordingly is going to come back and really cause problems in the long-term for you. If you would like to avoid that issue, then you have to know where to start with regards to making a positive change. If you are looking for help with GST filing in Singapore or GST registration in Singapore, then let us know.

These can be complex parts of business management, but you do not have to do this alone. If you find the process of GST filing in Singapore to be confusing and challenging, then you need only let us know what the issue is. We will see what we can do for you, making important contributions to help change and adjust how you manage your GST registration and filing.

What is GST?

For a Singaporean business, GST refers to Goods and Services Tax. It’s a vital part of the tax system that exists in the country. As an indirect tax which is levied on the supply of goods and/or services in Singapore. It’s also attached to the importation of goods into the country. If you are based in most other nations, you might know GST as Value Added Tax (VAT). They are in essence the same thing – they follow the exact same tax structure in most countries.

For now, the GST filing rate that you will be exposed to is 7%. This is much higher in other nations, where rates can be in excess of double the GST rate in Singapore. Giving the low and stable rates of both income tax and GST in Singapore, it’s expected that you stay on top of your GST registration and GST filing for your Singapore business. However, doing so can be tough – if you are not an expert in the handling of GST, this might become a huge challenge for you.

That’s where we come in.

Get the correct GST registration in Singapore

Any traders who deal with a turnover in excess of $1mn will be expected to register for GST quarterly filing. If you do not, then you could have some issues.

Remember that GST in Singapore is based on your consumption, not your income. As such, if you are over the $1mn mark mentioned above, it will become compulsory for you to get signed-up to the GST system. However, if you expect that your business will exceed $1mn in turnover, it is heavily recommended that you go through with GST registration in Singapore now.

Voluntary registration is also allowed, if you are going to be under the $1mn rate that is put forward. However, you might also wish to choose to get involved if your business sells what is known as Zero-rated supplies: otherwise known as goods and services sold into an international market.

If you find any of this complex or limiting to the way that you work, then you might wish to reach out for your help today.

We can give you all the assistance that you need to handle the challenging and often confusing process that waits for you.

If you would like to deal with GST registration whilst making sure your information is accurate and your details are on-point, then you need only contact us today. WZ WU & Partners can help you to handle the process much easier, looking through all of the ways that your business could – or could not – be applicable for GST.

Since you can claim GST on your purchase and you can claim back the difference if you pay an excess on top of your collection amount, GST registration in Singapore is highly recommended. The challenge is making sure you can register, file correctly, and then deal with any disputes that might arise with the Singaporean government.

If you would like to avoid any of these issues, our team can make sure you can handle the whole process without any of the usual uncertainty. There is no reason why company management, including dealing with GST, should be a stress for you.

With our help, we can make sure that you deal with your GST registration and filing to meet up with the prescribed due dates given to your business. Don’t let GST become a needless headache: let us know what you need, and our team will work around the clock to find a solution.